Japan Soccer League 1965

  1. Championship: Toyo kogyo
  2. Runner-up: Yawata steel

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The 1st Japan Soccer League 1965

The first match day is 6th June and the last match day of the first half season is 4th July, and the first match day of the second half season is 12th September and the last match day is 7th November 1965.

tabel_.JSL 1965
Toyo kogyo2:22:12:13:02:01:13:112/2/0443526
Yawata steel2:3*1:02:13:14:11:03:111/2/1402624
Furukawa electric0:61:31:05:02:03:15:110/0/4321220
Hitachi' head office0:41:12:34:04:04:16:18/1/5351617
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries0:21:32:30:31:65:24:34/1/924-159
Toyoda Automatic Loom Works1:21:52:41:31:11:02:22/3/916-157
Yanmar diesel0:110:70:11:30:11:02:12/1/119-325
z'- Mutual savings bank of Nagoya0:11:30:32:31:80:02:01/2/1116-274


The first Japan Soccer League opened on 6th June 1965.
Japan Soccer League was organized by eight football teams of business companies (College teams withdrew from joining the league) at the Ashiya Takezono meeting on 16th January 1965, including Furukawa electric (White/Blue stripes), Hitachi' head office (Blue/Light Blue stripes) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (blue) (all in Tokyo), Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (Red) and Mutual savings bank of Nagoya (Red) (both in Aichi), Yanmar diesel (Red) (in Osaka), Toyo kogyo (Light Blue/White stripes) (in Hiroshima), Yawata steel (Red) (in Fukuoka).
The opening matches are Hitachi v. Mutual savings bank of Nagoya and FURUKAWA v. MITSUBISHI at Komazawa stadium in Tokyo, TOYODA v. TOYO at Kariya, YANMAR v. YAWATA at Utsubo soccer stadium in Osaka.

In Japan Soccer League, all teams play each other two times.
Teams are allotted two points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss.
The ranking is determined as follows: 1) total of all points, 2) goal difference, 3) total of goals.

  • 2: a Win
  • 1: a Draw
  • 0: a Loss

The bottom two teams shall play in JSL Replace matches.

In ONLY 1965, home team players wear white shirts and away team players wear coloured shirts.

In Japan Soccer League, the league begins to use <Soccer ball>s which are black and white coloured ball since the second half of the season.

Japan Soccer League did not make a clear distinction between home and away team before 1983.
Green-coloured matches are in the first half of the season and yellow-coloured matches are in the second half of the season.

On 4th July, KAWABUCHI Saburo (Furukawa) scored the first hat trick in the league at the 5th sections match against Mutual savings bank of Nagoya.

On 10th October, the match(*), Yawata steel v. Toyo kogyo, is both the Tokyo Olympic Games 1st anniversary Games and one of the Japan Soccer League regular-match at National stadium in Tokyo.

JSL Awards

Goal-scoring leader (Golden ball Award)
15: NOMURA Mutsuhiro (Hitachi)

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JSL selection match

tabel_.JSL selection
JSL selection2:2AIK Stockholm (SWE)2/12/1965Mitsuzawa, Yokohama


Japan Soccer League Replace matches

tabel_.JSL Replace matches
JSL's teamScoreShakaijin's teamDateVenues
Mutual savings bank of Nagoya5:1
Nippon Kokan
(Shakaijin Winner)
Mitsuzawa, Yokohama


If two teams are level at the end of Japan Soccer League Replace matches, both teams remain the same divisions.

Urawa soccer club, finalist of 1st All Japan Shakaijin Tournament, withdraws from the JSL Replace matches.
Yanmar, 7th rank team, is exempted from Japan Soccer League Replace matches.

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