The 1st National Association Football Tournament

  1. Winner: Tokyo football team
  2. Finalist: Mikage football team
  3. Third place: Nagoya football team

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The 1st National Football Tournament

A x-Team progress to next round.

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Nagoya football team0:4Mikage football team26/11/1921Hibiya Park, Tokyo
Yamaguchi sch.-Tokyo football team26/11/1921Hibiya Park, Tokyo
Mikage football team0:1Tokyo football team27/11/1921Hibiya Park, Tokyo


Tokyo football team, the winner, consisted of graduates of Toshima teachers college, Aoyama teachers college and Tokyo teachers college.

If two teams are level at the end of regulation time, extra time shall be played.
If the match is still undecided, the winning team shall be decided by lot.

Yamaguchi Upper secondary school withdrew from the competition.

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