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TClock Light

for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4.0, 2000 and XP

TClock Light works on Windows XP.

TClockは、Windowsのタスクバーの時計を改造するプログラムです。TClock Lightは、有志が作成したTClock2chを元にして作った、TClockのシンプルなバージョンです。→ご案内

TClock allows you to modify the clock on the taskbar in Windows. TClock Light is a simple version of TClock. I made it from TClock2ch that was made by volunteers.


Download: tclocklight-040702-3.zip / Getting Started

2004-09-08: tclocklight-040702-3.zip: Modified a little.
2004-07-27: tclocklight-040702-2.zip: Dutch texts. Binaries are not changed.
2004-07-02: Bug fix.
2004-07-01: Bug fix.
2004-06-14: Russian texts. Binaries are not changed.
2004-06-10: Portuguese texts. Binaries are not changed.
2004-05-24: Turkish and Greek texts. Binaries are not changed.
2004-05-23: Included Spanish texts. Modified a little.
2004-05-17: Included Simplified Chinese texts. Binaries are not changed.
2004-05-17: Help page of "Task bar"
2004-05-12: Bug fix
2004-05-10: Moved language files to "lang" folder. And bug fix
2004-05-09: Bug fix
2004-04-26: Checked Stardok ObjectBar
2004-04-24: Changed dialogs design and tclang*.txt a little.

TClock Light Help ( Babel Fish Translation )

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Language Files

Language files are in "lang" folder (2004-05-10).

How to make your language edition

LanguageLanguage filesStatus
Japanesetclang-ja.txt, tcmenu-ja.txtcompleted
Englishtclang.txt, tcmenu.txtOK?
Traditional Chinesetclang-zh-tw.txt, tcmenu-zh-tw.txtcompleted / translator's site
Now tclang-zh-tw.txt and tcmenu-zh-tw.txt can be used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Frenchtclang-fr.txt, tcmenu-fr.txtcompleted
Italiantclang-it.txt, tcmenu-it.txtcompleted
Koreantclang-ko.txt, tcmenu-ko.txtcompleted / translator's site
Polishtclang-pl.txt, tcmenu-pl.txtcompleted 2004-05-10
Germantclang-de.txt, tcmenu-de.txtcompleted 2004-05-12
Simplified Chinesetclang-zh-cn.txt, tcmenu-zh-cn.txtcompleted 2004-05-17
Spanishtclang-es.txt, tcmenu-es.txtcompleted 2004-05-23
Turkishtclang-tr.txt, tcmenu-tr.txtcompleted 2004-05-24
Greektclang-el.txt, tcmenu-el.txtcompleted 2004-05-24
Portuguesetclang-pt.txt, tcmenu-pt.txtcompleted 2004-06-10
Russiantclang-ru.txt, tcmenu-ru.txtcompleted 2004-06-14
Dutchtclang-nl.txt, tcmenu-nl.txtcompleted 2004-07-27


TClock Light デスクトップカレンダー連携版

Download: tclocklight-dcal-040523.zip (Japanese only)

旧TClockのデスクトップカレンダー自動更新機能をTClock Lightに加えたものです。

E-mail kazuto.sato@nifty.com